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The Fitness Doctor represents a higher standard in the fitness industry. 

Dr. Peters, and his team, bring advanced degrees in clinical exercise physiology and nutrition to provide you with a premium service at an affordable price.

We focus on holistic, preventative health, while providing emotional support as you pursue your wellness journey! 


The Fitness Doctor was named 2024 Best Wellness and Personal Training Company in Independence!

We scored #1 out of 163 across a variety of salient criteria.

on-site training

Train in your own private suite.

all ages & abilities

Ranging from athletes to the elderly - everyone is welcome!


All programs are individually developed by Dr. Peters


Programs scientifically developed specifically for your needs.

The consultation

Contact us to schedule a consultation today!

virtual PROGRAMS

The Fitness Doctor will prescribe an online program tailored specifically to your individual needs!


We can help treat and prevent disease through exercise and nutrition.


An Exercise Physiologist is an allied healthcare professional who utilizes exercise and nutritional modalities to help clients become healthier. The Fitness Doctor is also trained to help manage and prevent the risk of chronic diseases or conditions.


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GLP-1 Medications & Exercise

While research suggests that GLP-1 agonists can cause rapid and substantial weight loss, 
their use may result in large portions of loss from lean body mass. This may increase the risk of frailty and sarcopenia. 

Combining these medications (semaglutide and others) with a healthy lifestyle approach that includes physical activity, healthy eating, and weight management, is the best strategy for long-term weight reduction and overall health. Unfortunately, many so-called "fitness professionals" and "wellness coaches" are simply not qualified to provide safe, proper guidance.

The Fitness Doctor has developed an exercise protocol specifically tailored to individuals on these medications. 

Click the link below to contact me for your doctor-prescribed plan!

Now Offering Monthly Membership!

Your Own Personal Trainer... for Less Than a Cup of Coffee!

If you thought hiring a personal trainer was too expensive... think again!

The Fitness Doctor is excited to introduce:

Monthly Check-ups with the Doctor!


For just $60 per month, you will receive one-on-one personal training, tailored nutrition and meal planning, and prescribed fitness programming.

Imagine having a personal trainer, nutritionist, and coach all in one place. That's what you get with The Fitness Doctor. Our team of experts will design a fitness and nutrition plan specifically for you, helping you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

Whether you prefer to exercise at home or hit the gym, our monthly check-ups can be done both online and in-person. Our experienced trainers and nutritionists will work closely with you to ensure that you have the resources and guidance you need, no matter where you are.

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