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Specializing in personal training for former, current, and future athletes.

From the desk of Coach Peters:


Current: Falling behind peers transitioning into the next level athletics. Winded, exhausted and physically spent halfway through practices or games. Reached a plateau in personal or athletic fitness/performance.

Future: Looking to be a step above peers when it comes to Strength Training and Conditioning for High School/Collegiate or Professional Athletics. Tryouts coming up and want to increase the odds of making the squad. Parents/Guardians, want to better prepare the student-athlete for the next level of competition.

Former: Put on some extra weight since finishing the athletic career. Lost strength. Used to training like an athlete, but cannot find the plan, facility, or trainer that caters to specific needs. Still compete in Club or Recreational Level Athletics and falling a step behind in games. Previous or reoccurring injuries, physical ailments and limitations holding back athletic activities / returning to the court or field.

At The Coach's Clinic, WE HAVE THE ANSWERS.

Let Coach Peters (M.Ed. CSTS CPT) offer a taste of what we do with a FREE SESSION of Personal Training. Read that again, 100% FREE, no obligation.

We are THAT CONFIDENT in the experience and results.

- Coach Mat