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Want to live to be 100? The Fitness Doctor Can Help!



Although Northeast Ohio may not be part of the “blue zone” that was identified by demographers of areas were people live the longest (in regions in Japan, Italy, Costa Rica and Greece), there is still plenty you can do to tap into the fountain of youth.

Leading the charge is Dr. Fredrick Peters, owner of The Fitness Doctor, who is a local advocate for not just exercising but also eating a healthy diet and having a positive mental outlook to help ward off diseases. He recently lectured on this topic at the Cleveland Clinic Independence Family Health Center.

Dr. Peters has devised a plan that can help clients join the growing number of centenarians in this country who are living a quality life for 100-plus years. “The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it,” says Dr. Peters. “I focus on prevention and create fitness plans and dietary guidelines that help prevent diseases and allow you to live an active lifestyle for years to come.” From working with an 80-year-old client to improve balance and range of motion, to a helping a 30-something lose 10 percent body fat in her first four months, The Fitness Doctor’s clients are seeing measurable results.

“If you stick to the program, you will see results” says Dr. Peters. “Nutrition is critical, even more so than exercise. But building lean muscle will help you reach your goals faster.” Armed with a master’s degree in biomedical sciences and doctorate in physiology, Dr. Peters offers a medical and scientific approach to exercise. During the initial consultation, he delves into your health history and examines cardiac EKG parameters, pulmonary peak flow, body mass index, visceral and systemic body fat and other parameters. Then degreed and certified personal trainers guide clients through individualized programs, which include on-site exercises in the 3,000-square-foot private facility, as well as activities they can do at home.

New for 2020, several upgrades and renovations just recently completed at The Fitness Doctor . Now they offering an even better experience for their clients. "I want my clients to feel comfortable when they're here", said Peters. The new remodeling effort included the addition of a private cardio room, two private training suites (each equipped with state-of-the-art personal training equipment), and a lounge area where clients can enjoy their favorite shows while sipping on some organic coffee.



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