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"so... what exactly do you do?"

I'm often asked several questions about my business...

- "What is a Fitness Doctor?"

- "What exactly do you do?"

- "How is The Fitness Doctor different than a personal trainer?"

- "Are you more expensive than a regular personal trainer?"

Here is my answer:

- The Fitness Doctor is a private, medical practice focused on preventative health through diet and exercise!

- Our services range in price... but we are more affordable than you think! In fact, our services can be as low as $40 per visit!

- All programs include a comprehensive physiological exam, a complete nutrition program, and one-on-one concierge service.

- My "doctor prescribed" training plans are executed by one of my Exercise Physiology Assistants (EPA's). My EPAs are highly knowledgeable, advanced degree professionals who act as a liaison the doctor-prescribed program.

Check out The Fitness Doctor Difference!



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