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How to sleep better

Here are my personal tips for better sleeping habits!


  1. Keep all fats to less than 30% of your daily caloric intake

  2. Keep dietary cholesterol to less than 300 mg per day

  3. Eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruits.

  4. Choose whole-grain, high-fiber foods.

  5. Eat fish at least twice a week

  6. Limit saturated fat and trans fat. Avoiding partially hydrogenated oils will reduce trans fats. #healthy

  7. Choose lean meats and poultry, and prepare them without using saturated or trans fats.

  8. Select low-fat dairy products.

  9. Cut back on drinks and foods with added sugars. The AHA recommends that no more than half of your discretionary calories should come from added sugars. For most American women, the discretionary calorie allowance is no more than 100 calories and no more than 150 calories for men. #natural

  10. Choose and prepare foods with little salt (sodium). The AHA recommends consuming less than 1500 mg of sodium a day. #DASH

  11. If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation. Limit yourself to one drink per day if you’re a non-pregnant woman or two drinks if you’re a man.


Exercise increases heat production and the subsequent post-exercise drop in body temperature promotes sleep. Cardiovascular exercise, in particular, reduces insomnia by decreasing arousal, anxiety and depressive symptoms.

Proper exercise protocol varies by individual. The Fitness Doctor does not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to fitness. #fitness


  1. Wake up the same time every day

  2. Go to bed at the same time every night #bedtime

  3. Do not consume alcohol close to bedtime

  4. Do not eat (or drink) anything close to bedtime

  5. Avoid taking naps

  6. Do not drink caffeine after noon

  7. Do not keep a clock near your bed

  8. Do not label it as a “sleeping problem” (don’t make it tangible) #mindovermatter



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