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do this! don't do that... core version

Research has shown that one of the quickest ways to damage the lower back is to load the spine while repeatedly bending it back and forth...duh.

Here is my version of #eatthisnotthat


  • Don't Do - Traditional Sit Ups (back, neck, hips, ineffective)

  • Do - Bench Sit Ups elevated off the ground

  • Don't Do - Traditional Crunch (Inefficient, Low ROM)

  • Do - (Click the video)


  • Don't Do - Dual Leg Lifts (Flexors, Psoas, Lumbar Spine)

  • Do - Single Leg Lifts

  • Don't Do - Weighted Russian Twist

  • Do - Non-Weighted Russian Twist (reduces pressure on sacrum)

  • Don't Do - Bad Form Plank - IT'S NOT A DOWNWARD DOG POSE!!

  • Do - Good Form Plank, Side Plank, 3-Point Plank (ask me)

Remember, the core is not just one muscle! It is a group of muscles (rectus, transversus, oblique etc). Therefore, stop training them like they are a single muscle!

SLOW DOWN. If you think you're working your core slow enough, you're probably not.

Don't avoid weight-bearing core exercises. These are essential.

#abs are made in the kitchen!

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